Will Gosse appointed COO of BresicWhitney

BresicWhitney appoints Will Gosse to COO delivering on its new leadership strategy

BresicWhitney director and shareholder, Will Gosse, has been appointed to the role of Chief Operating Officer to oversee day-to-day operations and execute key leadership initiatives.

The implementation of the COO role is an important extension of the BresicWhitney leadership team. 

Will Gosse will work alongside recently appointed CEO Thomas McGlynn to create clear avenues for the organisation to progress strategically over the next five to 10 years.

“Will holds a unique combination of experience that includes real estate, general management, finance and business management,” McGlynn says. “His proven ability to execute key strategies within the business over a number of years makes him the ideal person to help drive BresicWhitney’s growth into the future.

“Will possesses the exceptional commercial acumen that is not often seen within a real estate business.”

With the independent agency on track to transact around $3 billion in sales this year and with more than 3,000 properties under management, the business’s dominance across many of Sydney’s most prestigious inner city suburbs is set to grow and this growth requires the right support.

“BresicWhitney’s operational model continues to focus on streamlining the transactional experience for buyers, sellers tenants, and agents. This is an area of constant refinement, but represents an industry nonpareil that’s more relevant than ever,” Gosse explains. “We currently hold the top market share across a range of suburbs in Sydney’s inner city and inner west and our strategy from this position is clear, to further grow our influence across real estate markets within a 10km radius of Sydney’s CBD.”

According to McGlynn, real estate businesses are operationally intensive and their growth is heavily reliant on the strength of their operational structures. In order to create an environment where agents can provide superior customer service they must be supported by the right combination of hands-on support and the best systems available.

“It is imperative that we have someone with a laser focus on maintaining and creating peak performance across our operations. Will’s appointment not only assists in executing key strategies, but he will keep us ahead of the curve with technological advancements in our industry,” McGlynn says.

The partnership between Gosse and McGlynn is a unique one within the industry. No other leading real estate brand has two executives of this generation at the helm. They are driving BresicWhitney’s growth with an eye for technology, creativity and innovation, free from hyper-corporatised management styles and principal-led strategies.

“Our skill sets are complementary, Thomas motivates and looks to future growth, while I analyse, problem solve and execute,” Gosse says. “My enthusiasm for BresicWhitney has never been greater as we evolve the mission of the business from its well-founded footings into a new era.”

The pandemic accelerated technological change across the industry, quickly forcing businesses to adapt leading to the implementation of new technologies and better operational structures. Continuing this trajectory will be critical in the years to come in order to attract a new wave of agents entering the industry.

“I am interested in promoting alternate career paths within the property industry, you don’t have to be in sales or property management to have a great career in real estate,” Gosse says. “There is also a lot the industry can learn from people with different backgrounds. There will always be a need for leadership and independent thought in our industry.”

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