Warehouse + easy future value

A warehouse residence with potential future upside built in.

With a love for converted warehouses, this particular offering caught our attention for its double-height style and easily unlocked future value.

It’s not often that owners renovate to remove bedrooms, yet this 1-bedroom home was converted from an original 2-bedroom design, making way for a living room of enhanced open space.

That means buyers are presented with the rare potential of buying in as a 1-bedder, with some upside in their back pocket should they ever want to explore the price uplift that a 2-bedroom sales might deliver in this building.

Either way, it’s in one of Redfern’s well-regarded warehouses, in a top location, with a rooftop entertaining deck above.

We checked in with the owner about this redesign:

1. Talk us through the conversion to 1 bedroom.

For me it was a no brainer, one of the best features of the apartment was the 4.8m high ceiling, wonderful warehouse style glass from top to bottom. Except the second bedroom opens to the same outlook, leaving me wondering what it would look like as one view. I really wanted to use all of the sun, light and warehouse style glass.


2. What do you love most about it now?

All of it? The open-plan kitchen and dining area is spacious, and I can easily have 10 to dinner with an extension table pop out. The shower head is ridiculously good, a real luxury bathroom. And so much lounge space when I just want to chill out, and a lovely balcony in the sun in the afternoon.

And of course the black steel built-in walk-in wine cellar, which tucks into the corner with up to 600 bottles, but looks like its taking no space at all. Not only good for your wine, but the right humidity for keeping cheeses and platters as well.


3. Who do you see the space working for?

Well the great thing about it is that reverting to two rooms is really easy to do, the weight bearing walls have never changed at all, and the rest of the area can be easily reinserted. Some apartments have the same layout or have changed into a smaller rooms or home offices for instance. So that provides more options for everyone, whether that is keeping a large open space, restoring a 2nd room, looking for upside, flexibility for leasing, adding a cot. Having good future potential was always important to me.

4. What else should we know?

The swimming pool on the roof is brilliant, I’m sure that was what made me want to buy in the first place. Same with the in-house gym. It’s very pet friendly. And it’s in a trendy little area with great culture, food, drink, art, plus a 3km walk into the middle of the CBD, even less to Surry Hills, with the best transport options in all of Sydney. Highly recommend.

View more: 310/199 Regent Street, Redfern.

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