Three new directors. And they’re not all agents.

A brand embracing diversity in its mission to be Australia’s leading lifestyle property group.

BresicWhitney welcomed three directors to its team recently. And in a new move, one of the new faces isn’t a sales agent.

In the past year, BresicWhitney has completed a corporate restructure to enable leaders within the business to become shareholders. Ivan Bresic explains, “Our vision – of being Australia’s leading lifestyle property group – is both exciting and ambitious. To continue working towards it requires a collective effort and diversity at all levels. The announcement today is another step towards our vision and in the future we hope to welcome others into directorship.”

The new leaders spoke to Domain about the appointments recently, and here’s a summary of what they had to say:

Will Gosse

“There are not many real estate businesses that have non-transactional partners,” Will says. “It’s testimony to BresicWhitney as a business that no matter what area you work in, there’s opportunity for you to be involved outside of your day-to-day job description.

“My goal is to continue that legacy and make it a good place to work. It’s very easy as an agent to have a transactional goal, but my responsibility is to encourage others to join the industry not solely as agents but to contribute outside of their role.”

Andrew Liddell

“I asked myself if I’m going to be here six days a week for 12-hour days, who do I want to be with?” Andrew says.

“BresicWhitney as a business has evolved a lot. Being a young father with three children, I may have helped to shape and shift the business. It’s now a very diverse workplace and I may have helped people to see that it’s possible to be a parent and still work hard.”

Maclay Longhurst

“There’s a proven path to success using leasing as a stepping-stone before sales,” Maclay says. “It definitely helped me understand the area and gave me certain tools to take into sales.”

“I saw Ivan and Shannan as good role models and that they both had the right values and I wanted to be aligned with their success, and the values and culture that BresicWhitney had.

“We’re made up of five different offices that all work together sharing information and we thrive on each other’s success rather than taking a competitive approach, which in turn helps buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants. It helps us provide and give better information to all parties involved in our business.”

It makes for exciting times to be involved in real estate, and you can follow the career opportunities at BresicWhitney here.

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