The best agents in the country, at BresicWhitney

It hasn’t come easy for our three agents who are among Australia’s Top 100 agents.

Imagine dreading client meetings, being cut from a sales team, then popping up years later as one of the Top 100 agents in Australia.

That’s just one chapter here, from Will Pereira. He’s among 3 BresicWhitney agents featured in REB’s Top 100 Agents in Australia for 2020, coming in at #63. Chris Nunn came in at #44, while Maclay Longhurst hit #12.

Will says remembering those early moments still helps him in growing a successful sales team today.

“When I was younger I used to blush and be shaking before I’d go into appointments. And that went on for years,” Will says.

“Now, I wish I could convince every quiet achiever that they don’t have to play the character of a real estate agent, and that as humans we connect with each other for our different qualities.

“I quit the industry twice, and got fired because my boss didn’t think I could sell properties. Years later he said to me, ‘I made the biggest mistake there’.

“If you can get the job done in your own way, nothing else matters.”

A well-known name in the Inner West, Will says the modern approach to real estate at BresicWhitney ensures all agents can find their own path.

“There’s no doubt that our structure as one network, and the way we present properties connects us with a clientele who are serious about selling,” Will says.

“The reach of one team instead of franchised offices really helps sellers, it opens more doors, and gives them an edge.”

Maclay Longhurst agrees. Now a BresicWhitney director and #12 on the REB list, he started as a junior agent and is consistently one of the top performers at the brand, and within Sydney’s inner east.

“With agents having one shared database and a collective approach to selling… it frees people,” Maclay says. “It creates its own energy in three ways.

“It helps buyers think outside the usual search patterns. Agents get a competitive edge with more than one agent continuously promoting their properties. And it gives vendors access to buyers from other angles, creating more competition and demand.”

In growing his personal business, ongoing mentorship behind the scenes at BresicWhitney has been key.

“Find the right mentor and stay with them as long as you possibly can,” Maclay says.

Another long-time agent at BresicWhitney, Chris Nunn, #44 on the list, has just stepped into the space of our newest director.

The framework that Ivan Bresic and Shannan Whitney set out to create for agents is what attracted Chris to become a shareholder. But he also echos those sentiments of being true to yourself.

“Try not to imitate your mentors and find your own style,” Chris says. “Find your inner calm and listen more than you speak.

“The best advice I can give is: get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The more comfortable you are under pressure, the more of an asset you will be to those around you.

“And the more people will want to work with you.”

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