Our top agents in the Daily Telegraph: the future of the property market

Adrian Oddi and Andrew Liddell on achieving top results in the months ahead.

With Adrian Oddi and Andrew Liddell among the best real estate agents in the Inner West, the Daily Telegraph recently sat down with our team to discuss the future of property sales.

After an extraordinary couple of years across Sydney with incredible growth and numerous price records, we’re moving into a different cycle, with values stabilising and in some instances, compressing over the next 12-18 months.

As interest rate rises start to flow through, there will still be buying and selling, and we predict people will be looking to agents for more guidance on how to achieve top results.

Here’s what two of Sydney’s best agents had to say:

Adrian Oddi | BresicWhitney Balmain

With 20 years industry experience and 83 sales under his belt in the last 12 months, Adrian said today’s market requires a whole new skillset. 

“There are lots of good agents that have been doing it for a long time but the landscape is changing,” he said. 

“The model of working in isolation, without the support of your colleagues is archaic. Sharing a database, sharing intel, working together will be the new norm. 

“Having a colleague introduce a buyer from another property or a neighbouring suburb is how you add value to a client in 2022.” 

Adrian expects his role as a sales agent will change even more. 

“Sellers in particular expect more, you have to clearly articulate why you and how you are going to secure them the best price, vendors are also more demanding than ever before and for good reason,” he said. 

“You have to be available 24/7. You never have the luxury of switching off, even on a Sunday.” 

Looking back on his own success, Adrian says he is highly competitive and ultra committed. 

“I love competing and the satisfaction of getting a really good result for my client, I have also bought and sold myself seven times and learnt so much through those experiences,” he said. 

To the next generation, Adrian said endurance is key. 

“Typically, a career in real estate requires an investment of three to five years before any financial reward – building a database and understanding your market takes time,” he said. 

“Just because you’re well connected or love houses that doesn’t make you an agent.” 

Andrew Liddell | BresicWhitney Balmain

Andrew said connecting with people over the last 12 years has helped him gain success as an agent. 

“If you look at my personal profile I don’t really go out of my way to self promote, I have done reasonably well because I am relatable,” he said. 

“I’ve spent the last ten years nurturing relationships with people in Balmain and surrounds.“ 

With 63 sales in the past 12 months, his advice to aspiring agents is be patient. 

“I know that is very hard, I can still be impatient at times but if you look at anyone at the top of the list its people who have given the industry time,” he said. 

Andrew recalls getting in the industry because he wanted to propose to his wife. 

“I needed a serious job to propose and I always wanted to wear a suit to work,” he laughed. 

“I had a background in hospitality and I am a people person so one thing really led to another.”

The father of four said there is one main lesson he has learnt. 

“Make sure you do the right thing by people — if you do, the right things will happen to you,” he said.

* Original interview from the Daily Telegraph

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