Introducing Kinwolf: inspired renovating in Birchgrove

A chat with renovation team Kinwolf, following a successful project.

One recent sale in Birchgrove attracted lots of eyes for discerning design. BresicWhitney decided to sit down with the renovation team behind the project.

A chat with Casey Scott from @kinwolfprojects

Give us the Kinwolf story…

“Kinwolf is a design and renovation company passionate about turning homes from what might seem dated and lifeless, into something that finds a whole new lease of life, and into a dwelling space that inspires creativity and health. At the end of the day, it’s not the four walls of a house that define a home, but we believe that a home can be enlivened again by transforming a space into something that will do everything you need and want it to.”

“Kinwolf was founded in 2017, after 10 years of flipping houses with my parents around the Balmain and Sydney area. Growing up, my family would constantly be moving from house to house and renovating each one and that’s when my love for design and renovations started. My passion grew as I got older, I started flipping houses with my parents on the side and loved it. So it came very naturally for me to start a business, and while speaking with two of my mates who also had a passion for architecture and design, we decided to start Kinwolf together. Short St was our first home as a Kinwolf team.”

Were any sustainable/recycled materials used?

“With every new project, we are always looking for ways to give a tip of the hat to the past and the surrounding environment. So we decided to use recycled bricks throughout the house: the recycled bricks run along the front courtyard, the brick wall in the lounge area and the courtyard in the back. We used this as a creative way to allow the house to flow.”

How did architect Michael Dawson add to it?

“We love Michael Dawson, we really gel well together. We understand each other creatively and we can always count on him to take our visions and bring them to life.”

The biggest challenge?

“Not everybody can work with a 125sqm space. It’s not always easy to make such a small area feel open and spacious. It needed to be well thought out, and we wanted to be resourceful with the layout of the house. Our goal was to create an open space without the size of the home feeling cluttered and small, so having natural light was crucial for us in the design process.”

Your proudest moment now it’s finished?

“Seeing everything we had imagined come to life was a great moment for us. It’s a great feeling when your work is being noticed and catching people’s attention. We’re only as good as our last project, so we have to keep delivering and I believe Kinwolf has continued to do so. We love what we do, so we are always looking for ways to get better with every new project.”

Thoughts on working in Balmain?

“We have been fortunate to work with some fantastic clients and to have produced some extraordinary work. We love working in smaller spaces, it challenges the team to get creative with our ideas, all while making sure we are accomodating to the lifestyle of our client. There is definitely something about the people in Balmain, they seem to give us more creative license, which we love!”

What next? What’s the Kinwolf goal?

“We love what we do and take pride in it. Our aim has always been to take the stress away from our clients by designing and managing the day-to-day tasks that come alongside renovating a house to bring them their dream home.”

View the sold listing here: 178 Short Street, Birchgrove

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