Celebrating our Property Managers

A chance to celebrate the unsung heroes of BresicWhitney, our Property Managers.

It’s time for us here at BresicWhitney to give a nod to those who work tirelessly behind the scenes with July 23 officially National Property Managers Day.

In the past year, our PMs have had to unlearn and relearn, up-skill and re-skill, all the while in the middle when it came to distressed tenants and anxious landlords. They’re the frontline workers of our offices and our industry.

They have since taken BresicWhitney from a 7% vacancy rate at the height of the 2020 pandemic, to the 1% our listings are seeing now.

Below is a quick chat with some of our best.

Corey Rotunno‑Grant – Senior Portfolio Manager

What’s the best part about your job?

Apart from getting to walk through some of the best properties in the Inner City and East, I enjoy building strong working relationships with our landlords and tenants. That makes the good results and positive outcomes incredibly rewarding.

What sets you apart?

It’s really my job to guide both landlords and tenants to understand the legislation without dictating it to them. Getting that right, I’ve avoided having any matters heard at tribunal in 4 years. To me, that means I’ve been able to achieve results that both the landlords and tenants are happy with.

How are you getting results in a lockdown?

The market is quite different this time around with overseas owners moving back home, or long-term landlords since selling their properties. With a volatile market, a property’s features, location and quality make a huge difference. We have been helping update our properties to ensure owners have quality tenants and long-term certainty. That has seen some of our properties achieve better prices again.

How tough did it get?

In the past year, you wouldn’t believe the challenges and heartaches we’ve had to navigate. I’ll leave it at that.

Sorry to hear that Corey, any positive advice?

Most of us didn’t know what to expect as we navigated our own personal problems and uncertainty last year. This time around, we are armed with knowledge and resources. If we could get through that, we can definitely get through this.

Georgia Holt – Property Manager

What makes a great PM? 

We’re in the business of people. It’s all about building strong relationships. 

How do you do that consistently?

For me, I genuinely enjoy what I do, while caring enough that I want to give it my all to ensure the best possible outcome for all clients. I’m passionate and put in 110% to always deliver. Over time, your clients will acknowledge that and mine definitely do.

What does your 110% look like in a lockdown?

Communication has become key for Property Managers. Picking up the phone and reaching out to both tenants and owners, making it known that you are approachable and available should they have any concerns. That’s what works.

And when it gets tough?

The past year has certainly taught me so many things for the future and how to handle every type of situation, while working with all types of personalities. Everything is easier with the right communication channels.

What have you taken away?

I’ve found keeping a routine is key, both with work and personal life. Plan out those daily tasks and hold yourself accountable.

Giselle Taffa – Senior Portfolio Manager

What do you love about PM life?

I love not been tied down to a chair all day, looking at different types of properties, meeting and helping people from all walks, whether that’s overseeing their portfolio or managing repairs.

How do you do it better?

By not settling and having to constantly think outside of the box. I’m always asking how we can improve. We recently had a plumbing callout where the onsite tradespeople offered to update other details the owner hadn’t noticed. Instead of a patch job, they got a refurbishment that will save a bathroom renovation from having to be done. That’s what Property Managers should offer.

Can you continue that level of service in a lockdown?

The current climate might be slowing general processes, but Property Management always keeps moving. If you’re not ready to move quickly too, it will leave you behind. With more people at home, more repairs will keep coming in. It’s more difficult and people are having their tolerance tested, but the dedication to follow everything up is a huge part of what we do.

What has been the most difficult?

There is nothing we can’t make work unless we’re managing unreasonable people on both sides. Even then, it’s about follow-up and communication, and you can break through it one by one. There will be another challenge tomorrow. Wish me luck.

What’s your top advice for PMs (or anyone)?

Stay calm. Be patient.

Melissa Wise – Senior Portfolio Manager

What do you most look forward to about PM?

Every day is different. There is never a dull moment.

What’s one thing that sets your service apart?

I walk in the other persons shoes (well, I always try to).

How are you managing the lockdown dynamic?

I’m making sure I keep my response rates up. That means responding quickly, ensuring people are looked after as best we can, especially under these circumstances of being at home and not being at work.

Is that something you learned from first lockdown?

That was even harder in that we were managing a new world of rental reductions and abatements for people who weren’t able to pay rent. It was a touchy year for tenants and landlords and we were in the middle.

Any advice for others?

Stay strong. This will come to an end and we can only take it a day at a time. Definitely keep up the self care so the situation does not get the better of you.

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